We are all interconnected.
Between every living thing,
there is a single element that connects us all.
To life. And to one another. Water.
Our dedication and passion runs deep,
and we pledge to serve every person we meet.

Nathan Weingardt

Water Advisor   Email: Nathan@thesourceh2o.com

I am a third generation Colorado native with a zest for life and a passion for my career. Historically my background is in sales, I have worked in industries such as Finance, Banking, and Printing. Career wise I am highly passionate about my position as General Manager here at THE SOURCE H2O! Being from Colorado it has not been difficult to appreciate nature and the benefits it yields us here on this planet. Clean water is something I feel every household is entitled to, so the opportunity of promoting it through my career has truely been a blessing. I am somewhat of an aficionado when it comes to the outdoors. I enjoy camping, hiking, tennis, fishing, anything having to do with the outdoors, count me in! Water is of course an essential part of each of these activities, and being able to witness the benefits of it in it’s purest form, has changed my life profoundly. I love talking to all types of people, so I honestly can say I look forward to every conversation with every potential client. I can’t wait to educate you on how we can change the way you live through water!