We are all interconnected.
Between every living thing,
there is a single element that connects us all.
To life. And to one another. Water.
Our dedication and passion runs deep,
and we pledge to serve every person we meet.

Miguel Favorel

Co-Founder    Email: Miguel@thesourceh2o.com

Miguel Favorel is passionate about enhancing people’s lives through water. As vice-president of The Source H20, Miguel’s main responsibilities are overseeing business operations and marketing the concept of water filtration, purification, and customization.

Miguel developed his passion of living a Better life, through better water while attending Arizona State University. Working in the industry to help pay for his tuitions. He eventually branched out and made water purification his career. Miguel started The Source H2O 17 years ago in Craig, Colorado; bringing value to the community that he was raised in. He moved the business to Denver about 14 years ago in order to better serve his ever- expanding customer base. His wife, Melissa, and their two children love living in a larger metropolitan area. Miguel is living up to his purpose for life, which is to “Authentically lead and grow others to lead and grow others, through passion and inspiration; while adding value to the human experience. ”