We are all interconnected.
Between every living thing,
there is a single element that connects us all.
To life. And to one another. Water.
Our dedication and passion runs deep,
and we pledge to serve every person we meet.

Keith Decker

Water Advisor   Email: Keith@thesourceh2o.com

Keith is from a small town in Oklahoma called Henryetta. Their only claim to fame is that Troy Aikman who played for the Dallas Cowboys grew up there too. When Keith was 3-13 years old he lived in Durango, Colorado. His family moved to Oklahoma and he returned back to his true roots to enjoy the mountains and all the rock climbing Colorado has to offer!

For the longest time he took our most precious resource (water) for granted. Since he was little he has been fascinated with rivers, lakes, ponds, and swimming pools. Maybe its a little ironic.. or perhaps fate, that he now helps other people enjoy water every day of their lives. He takes pride in truly caring for his customers and their best interest. He’s not the most polished rock in the pile but he makes up for that in pure heart!

Even though this is just a webpage he wants to thank you for introducing him to your friends and family. Helping them get clean water for life is priceless to him. Enter their name and contact information below and they will appreciate you for doing so!

Dont forget you will get rewarded for introducing your friends and family to Keith!