We are all interconnected.
Between every living thing,
there is a single element that connects us all.
To life. And to one another. Water.
Our dedication and passion runs deep,
and we pledge to serve every person we meet.

Jay Heusser

Water Advisor    Email: Jay@thesourceh2o.com

Living in California for many years I have come to appreciate the importance of water. When you realize we are made up of 80% water, the importance of water becomes more important. I am very active, camping hiking and mountain biking are my recreational passions. Every time I go out for an activity, I know if I do not plan to have water with me I will not perform to the level I need. Living in Colorado has enabled me to enjoy more outdoor activities more than ever. Take the stress off your shoulders of whats inside your water and have us test it for free, and enjoy the outdoors.