We are all interconnected.
Between every living thing,
there is a single element that connects us all.
To life. And to one another. Water.
Our dedication and passion runs deep,
and we pledge to serve every person we meet.

Joel Cody

Water Advisor    Email: Joelcody@thesourceh2o.com

Growing up on a farm in Southern Colorado, Joel Cody, aka Chief Cody, learned early in life the importance of water and its conservation. He believes that when you touch water, you touch everything! His passion for Water includes an Associates degree in Aquaculture, an appetite for fishing and the outdoors, and even occasionally finding the water hazard on the golf course. His philosophy is “When it rains, it pours, grab a bucket!” Living mostly off the grid with his beautiful wife Mystie, and their 3 kids, living in the flow comes easy to him. However, by helping others live a better life, he is able to fulfill his biggest passion.