Water Filter Services in Palisade, CO

Palisade is a great place to live and what would even make it better to live in? Clean and healthy water for your entire home. The Source H2O offers the manufacturing, installing and servicing of home water filtration systems.

To get a water filtration system you’ll need to take part in our free water test. This test allows us to see exactly all the contaminants in your water. We then can choose from many of our systems such as:

  • Nero Clear
  • Softeners
  • Saltless systems
  • Uv Systems
  • E-Treat

A team member will explain in great detail which system is the best for your need and what exactly it will do for you. We offer a flat-rate customer service package that comes with the system for 90 days and includes complimentary check, filter change, and water testing.

Contact us down below on the form or call us at (970) 242-9742.

Water Filter Products